CURVE by 4Score™   400
CURVE by 4Score™   400
CURVE by 4Score™   400

CURVE by 4Score™ 400 mAh

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Time to get your hands on the CURVE by 4Score. The CURVE is specially designed to curve in the palm of your hand making it the most comfortable battery on the market. The CURVE offers the ultimate in discretion. Time to get your CURVE on!

Size: 43.5mm(H) * 55.5mm (W)
Weight: 46g
Capacity: 400mAh
Variable Voltage: 3.3V (green) - 3.6V (blue) - 3.9V (red)
Connection: 510 thread / Magnetic connection
Charging: Micro USB charger

1. Connect: Screw cartridge into magnetic ring and it will magnetically connect with battery.

2. Two ways to use:
1) Air Switch, just pull to hit -or-
2) Press-Button to control your hit

3. Adjusting Voltage:
Press button 5 times, blue light blinks 5 times to show battery is turned on. Press button 3 times to rotate between voltages.

Packaging includes:
1) CURVE Battery
2) USB Charger
3) 2 (pieces) Magnetic Ring
4) Instruction Card

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